Get Kicking

Hack and Climb KICKS new life into the traditional 2D-Platformer

  • HACK! Use your arsenal of kicks and stunts to kick the ball into the goal.

  • CLIMB! Traverse and climb obstacles while juggling the ball in air.

  • DON'T LET IT DROP! if the ball touches the ground you instantly re-spawn at the last check-point!

PLay your way

Controls Designed for different play styles

  • PLAY YOUR WAY! Massive depth in controls. Slow plotting kicks? speed running? crazy back flips and ninja slides? Hack and Climb has it all.

  • SO MANY KICKS! Hack and Climb has over 10 types of kicks. Use each of them to juggle your way across sprawling stages.

  • DON'T WORRY! Instant Re-spawns and plenty of checkpoints!


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A Dozer Games Production  2019

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